Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Better Hash

This time I used the shredder attachment on the food processor and threw in one small sweet potato, half a green bell pepper, and a quarter of a large red onion. Add three large cloves of garlic from the garlic press, a little salt and pepper, and some jalapenos. What looks like meat on top is actually chorizo-style seitan sausage. For those who are unfamiliar, seitan is a meat substitute made from wheat gluten. Here's a link to an informative (I almost said interesting until I read past the first few paragraphs...) article about it: Seitan--The Vegetarian Wheat Meat

This made two large servings which Justin and I ate alongside our pumpkin banana chocolate chip pancakes this morning. For all my vegan baker friends: I can't seem to do without the egg in my pancakes. The result is just not appealing to me. Any suggestions for good substitutes?

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  1. Nathan uses egg replacer in Alton Brown's pancake mix recipe. He adds the powder to the dry mix, then adds the water to the wet ingredients. I like using flax "eggs" (1 T ground flax whisked w/3 T water and let sit for a few minutes before using).
    But we've also successfully made some without any egg substitute:

    Have you tried making your own seitan? It's surprisingly easy. has some good recipes - Nathan loves his lunchmeat, and we used his seitan roast for Thanksgiving last year.